16Pcs Body Paint Eternal Tattoo Ink Set Permanent Makeup Coloring pigment Eyebrows Eyeliner Tattoo Paint Body Makeup Ink Tools

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Application Areas: Arms, Legs, Back, Chest, Neck, Hands

    Mix With: Color Mixing Solution

      Light Fastness: Very Good

        Cover Up Quality: 75% – 100%

          Applicable on: All Skin Tones

            Not to be used for cosmetic purposes. Do not use in or near eyes.

              Designed specifically for the world’s best tattoo artists.
              Professional pigment delivers superior color and coverage that will maintain its original vibrancy, even years after application!
              Stress-free to work with, this ink provides a smooth consistency that flows easily, for reliable results every time.

              The set contains 14 bottles of 1 ounce bottles of ink.

              Brand Name



              Tattoo Ink