Reusable Semi Permanent Eyebrow Stencil Makeup Microblading Measure Tattoo Ruler Tools,Eyebrow Stencil

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Material: Pastic

Color: transparent

Size: length of about 18cm, width of 2.2cm

Package included:

50* tattoo eyebrow ruler,100* tattoo eyebrow ruler

1.Disposable ,soft and easy to use , After cleaning the forehead , slowly stick it on ,That will not slip down , great tool for both professional Tattoos Stylists and painting eyebrow beginners

2.It was unique designed to paint the most suitable eyebrow shape.It also can be more accurate for those who are in the beginning stages of the permanent makeup

3.Compared with others ruler, this sticker is Disposable, more accurate ,so much easier to use than the hard caliper rulers or Protractor ,Very effective in shaping and measuring brows.Good for accurate measurement and symmetrical marking

4..How to use : After cleaning forehead, then stick it on forehead to assist drawing balance and perfect eyebrows. When finish drawing, it can be simply peel off ,It doesn’t hurt at all